Global Exchange Fair Trade Stores

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Fair-Trade-storesGlobal Exchange aims to promote social, economic and environmental justice around the world, which we’ve been doing for 25 years now! Launched in 1988, we’ve been promoting human rights, justice and sustainability ever since.

We operate two Fair Trade stores in the CA Bay Area; one in San Francisco and one in Berkeley.

Fair-Trade-artisan-guatemalThe Global Exchange Fair Trade Stores set an example of working responsibly with world craft producers. We generate income for thousands of artisans and their families in over 40 countries, by operating according to Fair Trade Criteria. Global Exchange Fair Trade Stores feature products from around the world, with fair prices for consumers and fair prices paid to producers.

For more about Global Exchange’s Fair Trade work, please visit our website:

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4018 24th Street (near Noe) San Francisco, CA 94114